Stylish Dressing Tips for Girls

Everyone differs in body shapes. The body shape depends upon various factors such as evolution, genetics etc. You should wear clothing that suits you the best as per your body shape. Designer Dress in Mumbai offers a variety of dresses that gives you elegant and stylish look. Being a woman you should know what type of clothes suits you the best in accordance to your body shape. Here we have discussed different types of body shapes of women.

1- Straight Body Shape

If you love traditional dresses then you can try out long anarkali dresses and jacket style dresses. Salwar dresses also look beautiful on you if you have a straight body shape. Your body shape will let you carry these dresses comfortably. For casual wear you can opt for belted kurtis with leggings. Your dressing styles should include high necks, V neck, scoops, turtle and collar. In formal dresses opt for chic dresses in white and black paired. Try to avoid loose clothes because it is not appropriate style for your body type.

2- Pear Shaped Body

This type of body includes a small bust, narrow shoulders and large hips.

This type of body shape gives a sexy appearance so it is important to wear impressive clothing on a date and also on a usual day.

Saree suits the most to this body type. Choose sarees made from crepe materials, synthetic materials and georgette. If you like to wear kurtis then wear straight cut and high side slits kurtis. You should consider wide necklines for your saree blouses and salwars. These dresses will give you a blended look and also boost your confidence. Lehengas with flares is not the right choice for chubby body type so avoid it and also avoid horizontal lines in sarees. Dress Designers in Mumbai creates beautiful dresses that suit all types of body shapes.

3- Apple Body Type

This type of figure has round shoulders, small hip, large bust and slender arms and legs. It is also considered as unflattering. Body fitted clothes will also suit you if you wear them smartly.

You can wear empire waist full-length anarkali dresses for a formal occasion. Heavy embroidered sarees with long sleeved blouses gives the perfect body shape to you. Further silk sarees, georgette sarees and crepe sarees are also the best option for you. Patiala salwars, puffy jackets and straight cut suits are not the best option for you so try to avoid them.

4- Skinny Body Shape

Skinny body shape has a well-defined jaw line and slender legs and arms. You can opt for sarees made from heavy georgette, tussar silk, handloom silks, blends and organdie. These kinds of sarees will add weight to the visual appearance of the skinny woman wearing sarees. Carry these sarees with backless and sleeveless blouses with elegant look. If you prefer to wear top then Buy Tops for Girls which gives you an attractive shape.

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