How to make an old Shirts a new Dress for you

Always Look stylish and unique because it is important to complete a great looking girl. In this our present post you can see how old shirt to make it look like new and to give a brand new look, so that nobody will notice that it is your old shirt that, you can see unique jeans painted with hearts and a few other ideas that we hope you’ll love.

  1. Decorate your shirt with shiny pearls: Select any area of your shirt, either the collar part or chest part and decorate it with beautiful small pearls. This will give a new and glossy look which you can wear again with confidence. You can either sew them or use gum which way feels better.
  2. Block Printing: Block printing is one of the oldest art technique of Rajasthan which is used in sarees, bedsheets, etc. You can use it in a simple way. Cut any cardboard or wood piece into a specific shape, dip it in color and stamp it on your shirt to give it a new dazzling look.
  3. Use spray: It is a much more simple idea, you need to cut specific design such as heart in a paper. Keep that paper on the cloth and spray a different color on it. You will find small heart-shaped design all over your shirt now.
  4. Use old CD’s: Keep CD’s into water for few minutes and cut them into small triangles when it becomes softer. With the help of glue, stick these small pieces on the collar to give a bright look

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