Clothing Tips which will help you look slimmer

You know dress and style of wearing them can change your complete look, and boost your confidence. Well, it’s true! We all have that one dress that makes us feel much beautiful. But we can’t just rely on few dresses, that’s where certain styling tips are required. Below are few clothing tips to look slimmer:

  1.  Wea shapewear under your dress: Yes, it helps a lot to subtle your tummy and side bulges very easily, and using this simple tips you can wear any dress you love. A common shapewear is like small tights which press your tummy inside and make them look slimmer.
  2. Be a Black Lady: Using one color to enhance a slender illusion is the oldest trick in the book and for good reason: It helps create a long, vertical line. While wearing head-to-toe black is the most effective, and eternally chicest option, other darker hues work well, too, such as navy, oxblood, and green. The trick to monochrome dressing: Keep each silhouette crisp and tailored, and stay away from pale shades like beige.
  3. Go with Verticle Strip: Another oldest trick is “Vertical stripes create long lines”, thus making you look, well, longer. And while we’re on the subject of stripes, it’s common fashion folklore that horizontal lines can make you look wider. Yes, a skin-tight bodycon dress featuring horizontal lines might be a little hard to rock, but things like a well-fitting, classic Breton-striped shirt tucked into dark jeans or a tailored skirt flatters everyone.
  4. Tie the Skinny Belts: To look slimmer, cinch dresses and tunics with skinny belts, they help define your natural waist in the most flattering way possible. A thick belt, however, can cut you in half, which can cause you to look stumpy.
  5. Highlight your bust with bright color: If you don’t want to wear all black, just try masking your problem areas with the shade. Not thrilled with your legs but love your upper body? Mask ’em with a well-fitted pair of black pants or a skirt, and add a bright-colored blouse.

So, choosing clothing wisely and implementing a few clever tips and tricks can have an enormous effect on the way you look and feel.

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