Choose a Dress which Compliment your Body Shape

We love that everyone looks different, has different body shapes and different personal styles because it makes fashion and clothing more fun; and below, we’re breaking down the five most common body shapes to help you figure out which one you most closely relate to.

First, you need to figure out what is your body shape like, best is to compare it with fruit shape and geometrical shapes and accordingly we will tell you what dressing style suits you.

  1. Peer Shape: Peer shape body means Your hips are wider than your shoulders. Fit-and-flare dresses will look great on you because they perfectly show off your smaller top half and the extra flare on the bottom is great for accentuating your curves. It will naturally focus attention on your curviest and most beautiful parts. Spaghetti straps or decorative straps and necklines work great on you too.
  2. Inverted Triangle: This body type means Your shoulders and bust are wider than your hips. Fitted jackets, thicker straps/sleeves and voluminous skirts and pants work great because they will attract focus to your legs and slim down your shoulders.
  3. Rectangle: This body type means Your shoulders, waist and hips are roughly the same sizes. Skirts with ruffles, bows or embellishment details will look great on you as it is Creating extra volume on one half of your body will help create the illusion that you have lots of curves. You can also do this by adding waist belts over your dresses or wearing high-waisted jeans.
  4. Apple Shape: Apple body shape means You have broad shoulders, a full waist and thinner legs. Full skirts, wide-leg pants, and jackets that hit at your widest part will compliment your body. Look for tops without much extra volume so it doesn’t cause any imbalance against your legs. You can focus on playing up and showing off your legs too.
  5. Hourglass Shape: This body shape means Your shoulders and hips are roughly the same size, and you have a smaller, more defined waist. Anything that defines your waist will look great on you. Look for belted dresses, wrap dresses and tops, body-con dresses and peplum styles because they keep all the focus on your narrow waist, curvy hips and full chest.

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